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.name: Kelsey McPherson
.birthday: October 3rd
.age: 17
.school you go to: CRHS, home of the marching Cardinals
.job: um… I’m a professional mooch
.Hair color: brown. Dull, boring brown.
.Hair style: right now? A ponytail.
.When was the last time you washed it?: this morning, before I went to school
.Clothes: ugh, such a hassle.
.Undies: a necessary evil
.Make up: usually just some mascara, that’s all they allow in uniforms these days.
.Song: “Life’s Been Good” ~ by Joe Walsh… or anything Aerosmith is good…
.Thinking about: ::sigh:: too much… right now, it’s helping a friend with a problem and how the hell I’m gonna get Sable to learn new music.
.What do you do in your spare time?: listen to music, play music, and livejournal my little heart out
.Why do you like it?: they all have their mental benefits.
.What do you have issues with (list all)? Tom, dishonesty, most freshmen, immaturity, morons, greasy hair, bad lyrics, dissonance, monotony, closed-mindedness, extreme bias, people who don’t know how to listen, people who think they are the shit, and in fact are not, etc…
.What is the one thing you'd like to accomplish in your life? I’d like to settle down with someone I love and have some sort of family unit
What time is it? 4:29 pm
What time to you wish it was? ::sigh:: time for stuff to happen. I’m bored.
What's the best sitcom ever made: Cheers. Hands down. A close second is Will and Grace, however…
Favorite things to steal from a hotel room: washcloths are always fun
Have allergies? Not so much
If you stay up too late, what is the typical reason? Homework, or band problems.
Mostly A's, mostly B's, mostly C's or mostly D's? A’s and B’s… yes, I’m a loser
Favorite color to wear: GREEN!
Shoe size: 10
How often do you check your email? About everyday
Friends with cheerleaders, hated cheerleaders, was a cheerleader? Indifferent towards cheerleaders… they can be overly peppy, but they’re usually nice.
Favorite pasta shape: bow tie!
A shape you wish they made pasta in: little aerosmith icons. That’d be hot.
If you could have a t-shirt made to say anything you wanted what would it say? My parents went on vacation and I was conceived so they bought me this lousy t-shirt.
Ever dyed your hair? No… I want to
Ever permed your hair? Hell naw.
Do you love to dress up or do you hate it? I enjoy it when I don’t wanna wear pants.
What's the view out the nearest window? A few pine trees and a fence.
How is the weather outside? Kinda cold, but that’s to be expected for Minnesota in March
How do you wish it was? I wish it was 76 and sunny, but not humid
Did OJ Simpson do it? Uhh… I guess…?
If you could be with anyone right now, who would it be? My sister or Steven Tyler or… ::sigh::
Favorite vacation you ever took: uh, probably the one to Madison where I met Stan the Man… bwahahaha…
How do you feel about camping? Ugh. I need a shower.